London Parking Solutions
London Parking Solutions
November 2010

London Parking Solutions needed a new website to help win new clients and also provide automated support for people who have received tickets and penalties for parking infractions. 

We decided to create a clean site, using shades of grey and the yellow from their logo to visualise the theme of roads, car-parks, and yellow lines.

We created pages advertising the various car-park management solutions, from basic signage and ticketing, to clamping and towaway services in order to help the team gain new clients in the form of land-owners and lease-holders who are looking to protect their properties from unlicensed parking.

We also created a system to help with support queries from people who have been clamped.

The LPS team spent a lot of time answering queries regarding the circumstances of the ticket or clamp from fleet managers. We developed an automated system that allowed agents on the ground to send photographs of the infraction to the website via email. These would then be stored in the database. Queries would then be directed to the website, where people are able to search for their vehicle using the registration number which will then present the photographs and any notes as evidence of the infraction.

Website:  London Parking Solutions - Car park management       Status:  Active