Data Select
JCB Toughphone
November 2010

Data Select needed a fresh new website to promote the relaunch of their licensed JCB Toughphone branded handsets, with links to their shopping portal, news stories, and document downloads.

Their in-house design department had already put together a design style-guide which we took and adapted to fit the needs of the site.

We created a blog/news section which would be updated on a regular basis by the marketeers. They were given the capabilities to add new articles or edit existing articles all through a simple front end interface.

We also incorporated a commenting system, where fans of the phone could register and comment on specific articles.

Registration also allowed members of the site to use the download system we developed without having to wait. Unregistered members would have to wait for up to 60 seconds before their download started. This encouraged users to register their details, therefore capturing their data and expanding the marketing database.

Data Select wanted to encourage users onto the site with a related game, by offering various prizes and rewards on a monthly basis to those with the highest scores. Once a suitable game supplier was found we illustrated various JCB Game Vehicles to reinforce the brand.

Website:  JCB Toughphone       Status:  Active