Aptus Ventures
Everything Blu Ray
September 2010

Aptus Ventures were sitting on a few non-productive domain names for projects either put on hold or waiting to be initialised. Rather than having a simple holding page, or a page of adverts hosted by the ISP, we decided to put one to better use as a news aggregator. 

RSS feeds were set up to bring content into the site from relevant Blu-Ray, and HD-TV news sources. The opening paragraphs were then copied onto the site database, protecting the Google rankings should the initial source be moved or deleted. A link is also created for each news article, sending the user back to the original story in a new window, keeping Everything Blu Ray open in the background, and protecting the site from any duplicate content penalties.

The RSS feeds are set to scrape news sites once a day and populate the content on the Everything Blu Ray site. This provides new and regular content to the site, helping with google rankings.

The site is monetised by Googleads and Amazon adverts via the respective advertising affiliate schemes.

Website:  Everything Blu Ray - Blu-Ray and HDTV news and reviews       Status:  Active