Crime Barrister Direct
Crime Barrister Direct
March 2011

Following radical changes to the legal industry it is now possible to instruct a specialist barrister directly. A group of barristers wanted a central portal where people could contact the team and an appropriate barrister would be assigned.

They wanted a traditional design that reflected the British justice system, and gave a feeling of establishment and authority.

We designed a bookshelf style graphic to associate with the numerous books in lawyers offices, and introduced sliding sections that were revealed when hovered over. These maintained the bookshelf theme, and referenced the message within such as the computer monitor for the Contact Us section, and the map book for the Where Are We section.

We developed a news section to be maintained by the team showing off their successes, along with an Industry News section that would automatically update from various relevant sources, via RSS. These news stories would also be published to the team's Facebook and Twitter pages, that we created, with links back to the site.

Due to the specific nature of the business the team required a questionnaire for their contact form. We put together a comprehensive form including check boxes, radio buttons, calendars, and text fields that would automatically be emailed in a readable layout once submitted by a potential client.

Another factor of the business was the fact that a lot of clients would come from the Middle East and Asia. We implemented a system where any page of the website could be translated on the fly at the click of a button. This meant that no translators would need to be hired and, as it was all automatic, it needed little maintenance.

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