BrotherMailer Email Marketing
January 2011

JGB UK needed a new website for their email marketing system BrotherMailer, a powerful solution that suits those new to email marketing or seasoned pros. BrotherMailer's email marketing platform helps manage all aspects of sending  email marketing campaigns.

JGB UK were looking for a clean, simple looking website to advertise the features and benefits of the system. They had an existing logo, with the navy blue and orange colours, to stop the site being too bland we introduced a third, complementary colour, cyan, to balance the scheme against the clean white background.

We created many small, bulleted elements to enable getting the most revelant information across easily without bogging down the page. These included a frontpage dynamic slideshow that showcased the key features. These would then lead onto the dedicated Features section where prospective clients could investigate the system in depth.

To help with SEO we also created a glossary, a news section, and blog which are all easily updated by the in-house BrotherMailer team. 

The website was then reproduced for their Spanish and French businesses.

Website:  BrotherMailer - Easy and powerful email marketing       Status:  Active