David Adams
January 2011

As part of a complete branding overhaul for f1-tm.com, involving logos, website, user interface design, and illustration, we put together a total package.

We produced some stylish graphics for the front page to enhance the image and entice new users.

To cover the possible licensing, trademark, and copyright issues that might occur from using actual Formula 1 teams, we decided to merely take inspiration from them. Using our two favourite teams liveries, McLaren and RedBull, we put together similar styled cars, replacing all sponsorship or team logos with variations of the F1TM logo, and using slightly different shapes. For instance, the 'bull's in the logo are actually rabbits. This gave the impression of the two teams, without having to worry about licensing.

The overall effect was two recognisable Formula 1 cars, which at a glance resembled two of the major teams but under scrutiny would be discovered to be fictitious.