Turret Group
Make Me Savings
March 2007

Make Me Savings is a new fortnightly publication with tips, editorial, and supported advertising offering the best advice for utility switching and home finance management. They needed a look that instantly explained what they did and easily carried across different mediums.

We decided that this needed to be as simple as possible but retain it's identity when viewed out of context. So, we made the name of the brand very  prominent and used different fonts and font weights to separate the words.

We then created simple icons for the banner underneath, which could be viewed on their own as a menu for a website, and used individually to section of different areas of a website or the magazine.

The client wanted the pages of the magazine to be pink to make it stand out and also to take advantage of the public association with pink and the Financial Times. We therefore used a specific, complementing shade of blue which was then carried throughout the publication.