Maggie O'Donohoe
Indirect Tax Solutions
July 2009

Indirect Tax Solutions was established in September 2005 by Maggie O’Donohoe to offer a specialist advisory service on VAT and Insurance Premium tax specifically for the financial services sector. Maggie decided that she needed a professional look to match her professional service.

Up until Maggie spoke to us she'd been using a simple logo created in Microsoft Word. Although her business had been going well she was conscious that she might not be being taken seriously by the large international corporates due to a perceived amateurish presentation of her company.

Given that her clients would be huge corporates we decided to give the impression that she was also large firm, using a classic font for her logotype, and a muted, non-offensive blue. We did, however, sneak in some contrasting cyan to play against the darker blue and give the whole logo some depth.

The whole logo comes together well, with a passing impression of an official government agency.