F1-Team Manager
Elite Racing
December 2009

Looking at branding new, fictional racing teams, F1-TM wanted a dynamic logo to represent one of the major teams in the online game.

We came up with a new team called 'Elite Racing', which obviously means the best so we had to produce a logo to match.

After playing around with the word itself we realised that, with a little effort, the word itself looked like a Formula One car. We used the two Es as wheels and replaced the L with a numerical 1, thereby reinforcing the number one position, and also providing a convenient shape for the 'airbox' of the car. We then shaped the tittle of the I to represent the driver's head, and the slant of the T for the windscreen of the cockpit. Once we embellished the text with abstract shapes, to represent the front and rear spoilers, the overall effect was complete.