Andy Duncan
Awesome Sauce Productions
March 2011

Andy Duncan, a budding film maker, needed a smart logo to brand his projects and to identify him in various online forums and arenas.

We decided to approach the design literally and create a logo that represented 'Awesome Sauce'.

After throwing around some ideas, we decided that 'Awesome Sauce' would be a golden, viscous, almost pearlescent, syrup. Similar to honey, but not transulcent.

We couldn't simply use a splodge of sauce as that wouldn't have got the message across that we were trying to convey. So we used a jar to contain it. However, we didn't want the logo to become about the jar itself and merely wanted it to use as a device to get across the dynamism of the syrup. We put the jar on its side, which allowed for the syrup to appear to slowly seep out, giving the impression of a thick, highly viscous liquid.